Croxford and Saunders pride themselves on the quality of their gilding and its artistic use. We offer both architectural oil gilding, high lustre faux water gilding and studio based water gilding.

With our experienced team Croxford and Saunders work on sites both nationally and internationally and have completed many high profile projects including some of the largest residential projects in Europe.

With a keen eye on the creative arts and its inclusion into interior decoration we utilise both a passion for the history of decoration and traditional painting techniques to offer both designers and architectural practices a broad knowledge and range of gilding services.

We think that interior decoration is at its best an art, with many older lesser used techniques such as gold rehausse, gold sgraffito and faux Boulle work overdue a long awaited re appraisal.

Gold undeniably has a unique impact on a decorative scheme as either the leading component in a scheme or as a support for architectural detail, such as repique or with other techniques such as trompe l’oeil or grisaille.

We as a company also understand that gold can be an expensive consideration when undertaking a decorative scheme and so also offer a range of more economical alternatives including the use of imitation gold and silver leaf, metallic powder treatments and bronzing or coppering, most of which compare fairly with antiqued leafing or where a high lustre is not the required look.


Both oil and water based gilding techniques use only the finest source products, Croxford and Saunders use high quality gold from established English suppliers for long term suitability and high lustre.

Gold Rehausse

An 18th century fine detail technique for the embellishment in gold of a design. Usually starting with an ochre pigmented ground it is followed by the careful application of gold size and then gilding in areas that would represent the highlights.

Faux Boulle work

An 17th century technique applied over a dark ground, traditionally a tortoise shell pattern which is deeply lacquered. The careful application of gold within a pattern followed by careful detail works etched back into that gold creating an elaborate decoration.

Gold Sgraffito

An ancient technique where we lay a bed of gold, apply pigmented glazes then carefully scribe pattern back through to that gold, this technique is highly skilled work due to the need to scribe the pattern without a template.