Decorative Painting

At Croxford and Saunders we specialise in decorative arts, we endeavour to create the very best of decorative schemes.

From the early stages of design, layout drawings and sampling through to completion of fine painting we listen to and liaise with clients carefully in order to help realise what sometimes can be complicated briefs.

We specialise in decorative design, trompe l’oeil, faux wood (woodgraining), faux marble (marbling), orientalist painting, grotesqueries, chinoiseries, singeries, arabesques and canvas artworks.

We have over the years produced a number of schemes which incorporate many of the above mentioned disciplines to great effect, the balance of both techniques and colour relationships is of the utmost importance for successful rooms. With a good knowledge of period paint colours, period architectural accuracy and singular attention to detail, Croxford and Saunders have an unrivalled reputation, setting the mark for what can be achieved at the forefront of the decorative arts industry.

Ceiling work is one of our most requested and important areas of specialisation, many of our most memorable works are highly decorative painted ceilings. In many ways the history of interior decoration is bookmarked with imagery of great painted ceilings that have been and still are an inspiration for us both as directors and painters.

Decorative Design

Decorative design work by Croxford and Saunders is nearly always hand applied, whether designs are stencilled or carefully plotted with delicate drawing work the paint is brushed, other methods including pattern cutters and printing are sometimes used for initial layout works, but then revert to hand painting. We are of the opinion that this still delivers the most rewarding decorative look, one that has the historic inflections found in great decoration around the world.

Wall Muraling

Good murals can work within the context of supporting a scheme. Our aim is always to create painting of the highest order and to support the room’s architecture and scheme in order to achieve the best results.

Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil is about appearing to break the two dimensional plane, about creative illusions of volume and space, to trick the viewer into believing it real for a moment. Croxford and Saunders use trompe l’oeil to great effect in decorative schemes whether this is enhancing simple freezes or cornicing with more elaborate detail, creating panelled rooms, stone block-work or indeed as part of grander schemes involving multiple architectural and sculptural elements.


Chinoiseries are probably the most common interpretation of orientalist decoration that we see on a regular basis. Its enduring popularity due to the exotic organised elements of outdoor nature in indoor settings and good colour relationships.

This has always been one of Croxford and Saunders more popular requests, again employing painting of high standards and combining good colour sense with superior brush craft, this in many ways plays more to a calligraphic style than to more orthodox glaze approaches.


Canvas Art

Croxford and Saunders have successfully completed many art commissions, these cover a wide range of subjects from landscapes to portraiture, renaissance to abstract. Styles vary but Croxford and Saunders do have a particular interest in arts from early 20th century for colouration and style innovation, this pivotal period is of particular interest due to the combination of both figurative, impressionistic and colour factors. Canvas and stretchers are of the best quality and acquired from many of Londons oldest suppliers with whom the company has long associations.