Many customers already have a firm idea about that which they wish to achieve, already know colours, have references and an ability to convey this information in a way as to make a project run seamlessly. Other ideas may need further development and this is where customers and specialists have an opportunity to work together in creating a purposeful brief for a job that turns those initial thoughts into the best of realities. Of course, conversation is the oldest method of sharing information and with the addition of sketchbooks, samples and reference material it is possible to define works through initial meetings and onto a concise plan of works.

Decorative Sampling

Some projects are about colour and colour mixes with the client, hence the sample is an interactive process which is resolved on site to a finish, quality and scale that the client can appreciate and approve.

Complex projects require samples to be made in the studio for later presentation, usually these are carried out on boards of varying sizes until a finished product is achieved. The artist assembles the information learnt at the previous brief meeting and using skills and imagination produces small section versions representing the decorative scheme.

Design and artwork

For more complex schemes where the greater emphasis is on artworks, colour relationships and architectural accuracy, room visuals are required. At Croxford and Saunders we produce hand done visuals using pencil, pen and wash, gouache and chalks to the highest quality. An older approach, the use of the computer software is kept to where it is aesthetically beneficial, the point being to retain the artistic integrity and inspiration that handmade renderings achieve in conveying our handmade product.

Templating and installation

Site measurements are not the most exciting part of being a decorative artist, however accuracy is of the utmost importance if one is to be able to manufacture works off site for later installation. Croxford and Saunders prefer to complete our own site surveys where possible.

Once areas are mapped out works can start in the studio, we tend to use modern polymer canvas for larger areas as it is dimensionally stable when fitting, thereby overcoming many of the problems encountered when sizing and stretching traditional canvas. Croxford and Saunders can oversee installation or provide supply only, dependant upon client wishes.

Project Management

Unlike our competitors Croxford and Saunders specialisation and complexity of works demand an almost continual involvement from either or both of the principal directors and complete attention from lead painters. Projects themselves remain personal and are a reflection of the company’s pride in both its work and its methodology. Liaising with and working alongside other trades and company structures is something that with our considerable site experience and interior knowledge we take pride in, a well run site with good timely dialogue makes for a successful project.


Croxford and Saunders employ the thoughtful, the talented and the artistic. We have a very experienced group of dedicated individuals who in turn have a common interest in painting, gilding, art history and a general enthusiasm for interior decoration. All of which is crucial in maintaining a successful, steady, competitive and efficient studio.