About Us

Artists by nature tend to adhere to individualism as a chosen characteristic, harnessing any number of individuals with this ethos into a working team is a difficult task, the results however outweigh any disadvantage. Croxford and Saunders employ a high proportion of artists, we encourage individuals to create, but also compete and develop within the team structure.

Managing creative groups obviously requires strong personalities and both Matthew Croxford and Tom Saunders have used their long friendship and enthusiasms for both the arts and interiors to do just this. Many long friendships and external working liaisons have been initiated under this umbrella.

Both Mr Croxford and Mr Saunders have lengthy painting histories, both have travelled significantly for work and both have done significant works throughout the UK, Europe, Russia, India, the Middle East and South East Asia.



Although Croxford and Saunders has a reputation for completing challenging site work, we also have a busy studio that has the facility to enable the painting of murals and artworks for later installation. This is a space devoted to the careful preparation of jobs including client sampling, design layout drawing, water colour visuals and experimentation with mediums and colour that is an important part of company development and team training.